Photographer. Neuroscientist. Writer.

From Afar

I photograph people from afar along our uneventful terrain and to escape this monotony I observe human actions. As a behavioral neuroscientist I seek to make my presence minimal. Whether with mice or humans, viewing from an ineffectual distance affords me safety in watching my subject’s natural state. I am disturbed that my primary connection to people is by scientific inquiry, which is perhaps schizoid in nature. My mobile camera serves as a data collection instrument, analytical tool, and social mediator. Ultimately my abstraction of other people’s behavior through the phone informs my composition, which brings to the foreground elements I unconsciously seek, that of an emotional response and feeling close to others. I collect, study, and curate my data with the goal of forming a narrative that I hope creates a cohesive story about the human species and our connectedness, albeit on through a plane of mediated networks. My photographs depict strong contrast, vivid colors, and darkened regions that extend across the paths where individuals navigate engrained routes. 
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