Photographer. Neuroscientist. Writer.



Dr. Joshua Sariñana was born in San José, California. He obtained his neuroscience degrees at the University of California, Los Angeles and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). After MIT, Sariñana became a research fellow at Harvard Medical School where he studied the computational processing of spatial navigation.

Sariñana has had a solo exhibition at the Griffin Museum of Photography, shown at the Center for Photographic Arts, the Houston Center for Photography, the Los Angeles Center of Photography, Photoville, and the Center for Fine Art Photography.

Most recently, Sariñana was named as a Critical Mass 2017 Top 200 Finalist. His work has been recognized by the Sony World Photography Awards, Latin American Fotografía, PX3 Prix de la Photographie Paris, and the Head On Photo Awards. His work has been published in several periodicals, including Silvershotz, Better Photography, and SciArt Magazine's. Sariñana's work has been featured on The Guardian, Buzzfeed, The Huffington Post, Time, and CNN. One of his images was also licensed for an iPhone 6 commercial ad. He is also a two time recipient of the Council for the Arts Grant at MIT.

Sariñana has published several articles on the intersection of photography and neuroscience for PetaPixel and has contributed to Don’t Take Pictures and The Smart View. He has also been interviewed by several influential photography blogs as well as Vice Magazine. Sariñana currently resides in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Selected Exhibitions


  • Science Gallery Dublin, Solo Exhibition
  • 1st Annual Members Exhibition - The Center for Fine Art Photography, Fort Collins, CO (juror: Brian Paul Clamp)
  • Latin American Fotografía and Ilustración 6, Los Diez - Photoville, Brooklyn, NY


  • The Autumn Show - The Curated Fridge/FlashPoint Boston at Gallery Gallery Kayafas, Boston, MA (juror: Brian Paul Clamp, Owner and Director, ClampArt Gallery, New York City, NY)
  • The Creative Portrait - The Los Angeles Center of Photography, Los Angeles, CA (juror: Ann Jastrab, Gallery Director, RayKo Photo Center, San Francisco, CA)
  • Members' Exhibition - Center for Photographic Arts, Carmel, CA (jury: Elizabeth and Jan Potts)
  • 4th Annual Member’s Exhibition - Los Angeles Center of Photography, Los Angeles, CA (juror: Paula Tognarelli)
  • 23rd Member’s Exhibition - The Griffin Museum of Photography, Winchester, MA (juror: Hamidah Glasgow)
  • Head On Mobile Prize Exhibition - Museum of Sydney, Sydney, Australia (juried)
  • Black and White - The Center for Fine Art Photography, Fort Collins, CO Honorable Mention ( juror: Ann Jastrab)
  • The International Competition - Texas Photographic Society, Texas A&M University, TX (juror: Alison Nordström)


  • Prosopagnosia - The Griffin Museum of Photography at Digital Silver Imaging, Belmont, MA, Solo Exhibition
  • On a Road Trip - The Curated Fridge at Photoville, Brooklyn, NY (juror: Aline Smithson)
  • International Juried Competition - Los Angeles Center for Digital Art, Los Angeles, CA (juror: Anna Katz)
  • Membership Exhibition - Houston Center for Photography, Houston, TX (juror: Yasufumi Nakamori)
  • Lines and Curves - PH21 Gallery, Budapest, Hungary (juror: Zsolt Bátori)
  • Liberté de Panorama - The Smart Gallery, Paris, France (curator: Nadine Bénichou)


  • Mobile Magic XX - Lightbox Gallery, Astoria, Oregon, Honorable Mention (juror: Aline Smithson)
  • Taking Pictures - Black Box Gallery, Portland, Oregon (juror: Melanie Flood)
  • EyeEm Photography Awards Exhibition - New York, New York (juried)
  • Shadow and Light - Black Box Gallery, Portland, Oregon (juror: Todd Johnson)
  • Still Life/Life Still - The Dark Room Gallery, Essex Junction, Vermont (juror: Yumi Goto)


  • Shadow Stories - SoHo Arthouse, New York, New York (jury: Sharon R. Reaves, Dan Cristea, Cedric Blanchon)


  • Photo Nights Boston Photorama - Cyclorama Center for the Arts, Boston, Honorable Mention  (juried)


Selected Awards/Honors/Grants


  • Chromatic Photography Awards - Fine Art: 1st Place
  • Neutral Density Awards - Open Theme: 2nd Place
  • Council for the Arts Grant - The Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Black and White Spider Awards - Abstract: 3rd Place
  • Photolucida - Critical Mass: Finalist
  • Sony World Photography Awards - Architecture: Commended
  • Communication Arts Photography Competition: Shortlist
  • Latin American Fotografía 6: Selected Winner, Los Diez
  • Moscow International Photography Awards - Fine Art: 1st Place
  • Photographer's Forum - Spring Contest: Finalist
  • Head On Photo Awards - Mobile: Finalist
  • iPhone Photography Awards - Series: 1st Place
  • Fine Art Photography Awards - Street Photography: 2nd Place
  • Prix de la Photographie Paris - Architecture and Portrait: Honorable Mention
  • Kolga Tbisili Photography Awards - Shortlist
  • TZ International Photography Awards - Fine Art: 1st Place


  • Council for the Arts Grant - The Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Monochrome Awards - Fine Art: 3rd Place
  • Latin American Fotografía 5 - Selected Winner
  • PX3 Prix de la Photographie Paris - Fine Art & Nudes: 2nd Place
  • International Photography Awards - Abstract, Fine Art, Deeper Perspective, Portrait: Honorable Mention
  • TZ International Photgraphy Awards - Abstract & Contemporary: 3rd Place


  • Mobile Photography Awards - Transportation: 1st Place
  • EyeEm Awards - Architecture: Finalist
  • Latin American Fotografía: Winner
  • American Photography 31: Chosen Winner
  • iPhone Photography Awards - Architecture, Seasons: 2nd Place


  • Mobile Magic XX: Juror’s Awards
  • iPhone Photography Awards - Sunset: 2nd Place


  • Photo Nights Boston - Fine Arts, Lights: Honorable Mention

Published Writing

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